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Aspen Clinic has a wide variety of techniques, with our goal being to improve your pain NATURALLY, without medication or surgeries. We have the ability to offer painless physical manipulation of joints in the spine, as well as, joints in the arms, hands, legs and feet. This allows us to bring the joints back into alignment so they may heal properly. Furthermore, at Aspen Clinic we realize some people are apprehensive to the manual manipulation of their joints. We also have techniques to realign the joints that Do Not require manual manipulation.

While it is quite probable, you will get significant relief on your first visit, the joint complex initially remains unstable and you may need follow up visits to fix the overall issue. This is why Aspen Clinic has pricing which is much lower than your insurance Co-Payments. In short, we have taken steps to insure the cost of using Aspen Clinic without insurance is LOWER than seeing another provider using your insurance.

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When seeing a patient for the first time, we will take your medical history and perform a physical exam. Each patient is different and as such, will respond differently to treatment. Based on information you provide and the results of the examination, a course of treatment will be discussed and put in place.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Aspen Clinic only treats the spine. Dr. Siemens is well versed in many techniques and can treat conditions which you would not usually think a chiropractor could treat. For example:

Sports Injuries • Planter Fasciitis • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Golf Elbow • Tennis Elbow • Shoulder pain • Hip pain • Knee pain • Foot pain

And, of course, Aspen Clinic also treats:
Headaches • Neck Pain • Midback Pain • Low Back Pain


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Dr. Brent Siemens

Dr. Siemens has been in practice since 1985 and founded Aspen Clinic in August of 1986. He founded Allied Physicians Group in May of 2000 and Allied Medical Centers in March of 2004.

Dr Siemens is a Palmer Graduate and is well versed in most all of the different chiropractic techniques. His license also includes the ability to perform injections of pharmaceutical grade supplements, like B12, Calcium, Vitamin C, etc.. He also has the ability to perform pharmaceutical grade supplement IV's.


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